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Born in 1983 in Kosovo, Lili Tafilaj, also know professionally by her maiden name, Lili  Zhuta, first discovered her love for painting at her summer, lakeside home in Macedonia. Captivated by the colors of the setting sun and the reflections of the mountains around Lake Ohrid, Lili started sketching and painting at a young age.

            Lili attended the University of Prishtina Art Academy, and studied under world renowned artists Esat Valla and Agron Bytyqi (Bytyši). During her studies as an undergraduate, she received many distinctions for her outstanding performance and unique works. Those include the University of Prishtina Art Academy Scholarship and Deanĺs List recognition. Lili continues her studies, and is a Master of Art Degree candidate at the University of Prishtina.

            In 2005 Lili, with friend and colleague Arta Gola, celebrated the opening of  L & A Art Galleries in Prishtina, Kosovo. There Lili continually worked, creating more than 30 oil paintings in the first year alone. The gallery, located in the heart of Kosovo's capital city, allowed Lili the environment to freely express herself.   Lili has held many joint and personal exhibitions throughout Eastern Europe and the United States. Some of those include:


  • Students For Students, Prishtina, Kosovo                  2004   
  • Colony Art Not Arms, Gjakova, Kosovo                      2004
  • Kosovo New Artists Exhibition, Prishtina, Kosovo    2005
  • World Bank, Prishtina, Kosovo                                    2005
  • World Bank, Tirana, Albania                                        2005
  • World Bank, Sarajevo, Bosnia                                     2005
  • Hanni 2 Roberteve, Prishtina, Kosovo                        2006
  • Albanian National Flag Day Exhibition

Houston, Texas                                                            2006


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Lili prefers free flowing impressionism, and explores with a wide range of colors and textures. She has developed her own style to capture the essence of the seasons and the breathtaking nature that inspires her.  Her favorite artist is Edgar Degas. She uses her brush to capture movement in nature much the way Degas captured that of the ballet.


For more information on the artist or to buy a Lili original, please contact us at: info@tafilajgroup.com